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I was diagnosed with Insulin Resistance in November 2008, after suffering from the symptoms for several years. I always looked tired and fatigued. I attributed it to the long hours spent at work, lots of caffeine and lack of sleep. I was working 80 hours/week and had developed sleeping disorders. But I enjoyed the work. I loved the challenge and the thrill which came with the unrealistic schedule on the project. Only thing that kept bothering was the severe pain in my legs and heels. I lived with it for a while hoping it will subside. When the pain became unbearable I saw my physician and he thought it was tendonitis. He prescribed physical therapy. It did not work. After several X-rays, MRIs and tests for arthritis and what not I was asked to see a bone specialist. When I was in India in Sept 08, I consulted an Orthopedic Surgeon. He told me I had a weak bone structure and need to supplement my diet with vitamins and minerals. My gynecologist friend was amazed when I showed her the amount of tablets the ortho-doc had prescribed. She wondered what the extreme doses will do to my kidneys. Anyways, my body did not take the supplements well and the leg/heel aches were getting worse. I stopped taking the supplements after 3 months. I have always been a health nut all my life and a very active person. I ate the right foods - whole grains, wheat pastas and bread, fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats and fish and rarely eat fried, canned or processed foods. I used to exercise regularly until the leg/heel aches became so bad that I could not stand or walk for more than 5 minutes. I knew it was not a lack of vitamins/minerals type of problem. I was gaining weight. Initially I thought it was the lack of exercise. The doctor had asked me to stop all exercise and any unnecessary exertion. But the diet was still healthy. I was totally frustrated with the weight and leg ache problem. I started maintaining a diary and started capturing details about the way I felt when I ate something, the way my body reacted during different weeks, emotions, acne, the condition of my hair and skin, reactions etc. After a while I knew what was going on. I called an endocrinologist and told him about my findings and asked if it were possible to run some tests. After several calls to the insurance company (since I was bypassing my physician and gyn and directly going to a specialist) I was finally able to get a correct diagnosis. Insulin resistance along with several other issues figured in the diagnosis. It was bitter-sweet moment. The same questions- Why me? But like a true engineer I was at least relieved to find (debug?) the cause of the problem (bug?) and find a fix. I was now all set to beat Insulin resistance’s butt. I did a lot of research, talked to doctors, read books and learnt a lot about how to deal with the issues.I figured it out eating healthy was not enough. How I ate my food mattered a lot. The whole idea is to link and balance the carbs with proteins.Cheese, olive oil, meats, beans which were a no no and figured  on  food to-avoid list now became the stars on my To-Eat list.I was happy.I have always loved beans – be it the sprouted bean curry (“usal” in Marathi), chili or my famous protein packed pulav. My pantry is always stocked with about 12 kinds of legumes. Most of the days you will find dry beans happily soaking on my kitchen counter top. I try combination of different beans and come up with recipes- some good some not that good. But it does not hurt to try. The other day I soaked a handful of each- red kidney beans, horse gram, moth, chick peas, channa and moong.I had cabbage,red radish and carrots in my fridge. I wanted to make something between a chili and a stew. I decided to call the dish Chi-Stew :) Chi-stew was filling and flavorful - Thanks to the herbs de Provence I bought in Germany. I carried the left overs for lunch. Infact, it tasted better the next day.The recipe is a keeper and blogging it to support my weak memory (read don't lose the recipe).


¼ cup each of red kidney beans, horse gram, moth, chick peas, channa and moong

1 cup thinly sliced cabbage

½ cup red radish cubes

½ cup carrot cubes

2 tsp cumin powder

1 tsp herbs de Provence or a mixture of your favorite dry herbs(rosemary,oregano,thyme,basil etc)

1 tsp chilli powder/paprika

1 tbsp olive oil


1. Place the legumes and wash them well. Let them soak for about 12 hours

2. Wash the legumes again and pressure cook with enough water.

3. In a sauce pan, heat oil.

4. Saute the cabbage till you see brown marks. Now add carrots and radishes and sauté for another 3 minutes.

5. Now add the cumin and chili powder and sauté for another 2 minutes.

6. Now transfer the cooked legumes and vegetables to a stockpot. Add the herbs and salt to taste. Add water if you think the mixture is too thick. Let it simmer for about 15 minutes.

7. Serve hot.

I am sending this dish to the Legume Love affair  event  started by susan

Iam also sending this dish to the No Croutons Required  event hosted by Jacqueline.

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