Thursday, October 29, 2009

Kokum Sarbat

I am not a cola girl. I would any day trade pop for a glass of Nimboo pani (Lemonade), Jal Jeera ( a cumin flovored drink) or fresh fruit juice. Last Sunday was a beautiful day.It was 72 F outside ( If you live in the Midwest you know why it is a big deal  :) ) and a perfect afternoon to laze on the patio sipping  something refreshing while watching  the Falls colors in the backyard . The first time I tasted Kokum Sarbat  was about 5 years ago and have fallen in love with this drink since then. Sometime its amazing how something so simple can taste so wonderful :) A can of Kokum syrup is always on my " Things to buy in India" shopping list. The family who introduced me to this drink is from the Konkan region.Fortunately,these cans are easily available in Belgaum (the friendly shop owner told the cans come from Goa, Amboli and Sawant Wadi)and that's where I buy mine. .

( Kokum Aagal is the marathi name for Kokum juice/unsweetened syrup)

1 Glass water with ice
2 Tbsp kokum syrup (unsweetened)
1 tsp any sweetener ( I used jaggery)
1 tsp corainder powder
salt to taste.

Mix and serve chilled.

This is my entry to this month's event Think Spice-Think Coriander Seeds  hosted by Priya. Printer Friendly Recipe


A 2 Z Vegetarian Cuisine said...

I love kokum sharbat, cant get it here....jumpin sometime to

Malar Gandhi said...

Lovely sharbat..its been ages I tasted this, this picture brings back all nostalgic memories...whish I get some kokum syrup here:)

Sheetal & Rahul said...

Malar- Thnaks for stopping by.I am glad you liked it.

Ash said...

Di, you should keep writing more. Share more what you know, I think thats the only way to preserve our culture especially related to our gen.