Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Our Summer Garden

We were in for a sweet surprise after we returned from Germany. Our lawn was greener than ever and our vegetable patch was bursting with veggies and herbs. I had planted some veggies in  early July after I returned from India. I know July is kinda late  but for my love of gardening I would not let the summer go without working in the yard :)  I left to Germany  on 4th August and these babies were without our constant love and attention till we got back to US on 15th Oct. I did not expect these to survive the hot Indiana Summer. Thanks to our kind friends, neigbours and the lawn service provider our  lawn and veggie patch were immaculate :)
I try new veggies/herbs every year. In the last few years I have had luck with carrots, peas, beans,dodka(ridge gourd),mint,basil,peppers,jalepenos,cucumbers,harbora(garbanzo),cilantro,spinach ,methi (fenu greek) and rosemary. I love using fresh herbs in Pastas and Curries. My indoor herb garden gives me a steady supply of  mint, basil and chamomile. This year my local store was selling Thyme. It was a single stalk when I bought it. I planted it outdoors and  it grew well. I replanted it indoors and its doing well. I have been using the thyme in roasted veggies, soups and pastas and they taste wonderful.

We have been using all the home grown, chemical free veggies these days.So far we have made Mooli Parathas, Mooli Sambhar  with the radishes.

I made a bottle full of green chutney fo rthe chaat with the Mint. I dried the rest to use it during the winter. I  use the basil in soups and Thai dishes. I freezed the basil leaves.

We also relished the Okra in the form of subzi .

I got exactly 20 pods of harbora which I shared with a very special buddy.

I still have raw tomatoes and wondering what to cook with these. Any ideas? Kannadiga style Tomato chutney or Salsa Verde may be ?

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Divya Vikram said...

You have a great garden!

nivruk said...

Hi I like your blog. I am doing gardening in summer here in Harrisburg PA. You are growing some of the Indian vegetables. Where do you get the seeds from, for Indian vegetables? My brother had experience with growing mint in his garden. I will suggest never grow the mint in the garden it will occupy whole garden in 2-3 years. It grow underground like a network. It should be planted only in pots. I am going to try your 1st recipe Veggie Seekh Kebab with Yoghurt dip. Thanks.

Sheetal & Rahul said...

Divya - Thnx :)

Nivruk - Thnx for stopping by. I buy seeds from the local stores.